Ferndale Capital Management, LLC
Alternative Retirement Solutions for U.S. Baby Boomers

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Serving U.S. Baby Boomers with thoughtful strategies to create and 
preserve financial liquidity during retirement 
The Ferndale Approach

Provide U.S. small business owners with the maximum amount of cash sale proceeds at closing, by means of a well thought out financial structure and orderly succession plan focused on developing the next generation of management.  Alternatively, Ferndale will take a minority investment position and partner with business owners over a longer time horizon.

Ferndale can provide company owners with up to $5,000,000 cash at closing, through a combination of equity and small business lending, in addition to providing incremental value through seller financing.

To generate an efficient level of current income and to provide credit support to our portfolio companies, Ferndale's Public Securities Division manages a diverse pool of marketable securities.
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